Verdun - English

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World War I Travel Guide. Verdun and area.

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Verdun, a beautiful old city, located near the Meuse and built around the old Citadel, was the scene of a major battle during the First World War.

From February 21, 1916 to December 20, 1916 one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War raged here. The German army launched a large offensive called “Gericht”. The aim was to “bleed the French army to death” and thereby destroy it. It would also weaken its army along the whole front.

This resulted in unprecedented violence that has shaped the landscape and whose traces are clearly present to this day.

Visit the destroyed villages, trenches, monuments, forts, museums and cemeteries. This travel guide has clearly mapped out all these sights, from the bunker of Colonel Driant to the Voie Sacrée, from the largest American cemetery in Europe to the impressive Ossuaire Douaumont.

In addition to the highly detailed maps, GPS coordinates and addresses are also included. The Google Maps extensions make navigation even easier.